Posted by: therunningwriter | September 9, 2009

Hello again!

Had no ambition for this in the last couple weeks. My running has been lack luster to say the least. I have missed a couple of long runs and I’m bummed about it. Two weeks ago I was sick then last week Paul had an autocross and by time we got home at 5:30 there was little ambition not to mention any energy at all to go run for 4 hours and I’d have been doing like 2 hours in the dark. Anyway I am cutting myself some slack and trying not to beat myself up for it. Just pounding the pavement a little more this week. That is if my arch/heal cooperates. I guess this is just my training session of Murphy’s Law. I think everyone has one. Plantar fascitious isn’t so fun.

My 6 miles yesterday went really great but I could feel that my arch/heal were going to be a problem later. Sure enough got home and kicked the shoes off and hopped in the shower and by time I got dressed I could hardly walk on the hard wood floor. I did tylenol and ibeprofin and ice as well as stretched. I am also doing that today and wearing sneakers at work. It doesn’t look as horrible as it could since I an wearing black dress pants and my black Nike shoes. Very little lime green is showing but they now squeak for some unknown reason so there really is no avoiding people seeing that I have sneakers not dress shoes on. Oh well. I’d rather be able to walk closer to pain free than hobbling.

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It’s been a little while…

SO it dawned on me as I sat here watching some good ol’ Disney Channel that I hadn’t posted in a while. I spent last week hanging out with Sarah while she was down here and this week I just stare mindlessly into space at work instead of doing something as semi-productive as this.

Running is running and not going aweful but it isn’t going terrific either. I am pretty sure that I need new shoes I am going on month 5 with them I am not at 500 miles on them because of the utter lack of running up until the wedding but I am guessing I am approaching 350 or 400. I just have a couple things that I need to find out about before I can spend the money. I know it isn’t something to mess around with and I know that my arches would be doing better if the shoes were newer but it just doesn’t seem like the exact time to do it.

This week I have done two days of 7 miles and then today I did 8. This morning was the roughest of the week. I ended up eating a Gu about .5 miles in because I was starving. I haven’t been eating after 8 so I am more comfortable when I go to bed and then I don’t eat breakfast in the morning the Gatorade has been doing the trick but the combination of the two is not a good thing. I am just beat today which leads to where I am right now.

I have pretty much been getting a medium coffee after I run and only on the days that I run so 4 days a week and Thursday and Friday are the only consecutive days. I have chosen to believe and “prove” that caffiene helps with recovery. I have never had much success with using caffiene to “wake up” I usually end up jittery and tired still. So this morning I decided I wasn’t going to take the time to stop and get coffee and there wasn’t time to make coffee either so no biggie right? I have been dead all day. My legs feel like lead and that has made me drag as a whole. So as I write this at 5:45 in the evening I am drinking a cup of coffee and watching Hannah Montana (okay so the Hannah Montana isn’t so needed but there is nothing on). I’m not to worried about sleeping I can drink and eat just about anything close to bed and sleep no different than normal. I actually think I figured out making coffee again with this pot. I lost my touch for making anything drinkable for a little while…I went for a bit where I wasn’t making it or drinking it at all.

No big plans for the weekend. We’ll probably go to Inglorious Bastards and Paul is working on finishing the awesome huge end of the bed chest he made. He is in the process of staining as I type. Getting a buzz from the fumes is inevitable at this point haha.

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I don’t want to brag or anything

But this morning was the absolute most perfect morning for a run. It was right about 60 degrees and no humidity, thankfully. I got out of the house about 15 minutes later than planned but it is Friday and pretty much any time I roll into work is fine on Friday. I was a bit more tired than I would have liked but it was okay I spent all night after watching a soap opera until I finally went to bed at 10:30 writing. But that’s all I’m going to say about my writing so I don’t jinx it.

Okay so I’ll say one more thing, About 2.5 miles into the run as I passed the Arthur Ashe statue I realized my mind was drifting from the slight ache in my legs to my writing and back. I decided a good idea would be to “write” in my head for as long as I could. This lead to me not even remembering the next mile and a half and how my legs felt. The story was really going in my head. So I just kept letting it go only distracted by horn honks. 

Sidenote: even if you lightly tap your horn so it isn’t a full fledged honk at a female runner it is STILL annoying and tasteless and I hope you enjoy the eye roll I deliberately give you oh and for the lucky few at the end of the run I am only a little sorry that I will flip you off or yell that you are a pig. I try very hard not to do either as I don’t like it.

Anyway, I made it to the half way point, 6.5 miles and I was still thinking about the writing. It was only in the last mile and a half I had a bit of a harder time concentrating on the story. But that is all on the writing. No details yet.

My legs are very tired and my kidneys are telling me I need more water, I drank gatorade on the run water when I got home some kool-aide, and I just really want a bottle of diet anything with caffeine. I think my body knows I reward it with caffeine and I haven’t today. I over dosed on it a bit yesterday I figured I needed a break. (A large coffee, my vitamin with a little caffeine then the sugar of the gigantic sucker I bought for a whole $.35.)

Tonight I am going to relax with my notebook while Paul is at the gym and comes home to continue building this awesome end of the bed bench/box thing.

The weekend is here!!!

Posted by: therunningwriter | August 4, 2009

A fast run…

But a slooooow…well…everything else. I had a really good run this morning. Seven miles and the humidity wasn’t choking like Sunday. The problem came after the run. I found myself driving really slow and then ordering bagels and coffee turned into a marathon event. I could not read the label on the bagel bin and then tell the woman what I wanted. Deciding what kind of coffee I wanted…I mixed the two I had narrowed it down to. It was amazing by the way, Einstein’s hazelnut and their neighborhood blend. Then driving home seemed to take eons. Once at home I put a bagel in the toaster and started packing my lunch. I look over to see the toaster smoking…yes the expensive toaster. I popped the bagel up and had to tear off the excess bread that was burning against the heating element before a fire started. Finally, I had my lunch packed and the bagel cooling so I hopped in the shower. Luckily I knew what I wanted to wear, unluckily the shirt was no where to be found. Then I couldn’t find my shoes. To sum it up it took me way to long to get ready for work. Good thing it is Tuesday which is the best day to have a spaced out day.

It has been a while since I posted I think. The major event of the last few days has been the bee sting so nothing all to eventful. I was running Sunday in the 75% (and quickly rising) humidity. I was drenched in sweat a half mile in. I sooooo did not want to be out there. There was a lot of will power on that day and I kept going. Just as I was falling into step and just running and stopped complaining I feel a searing pain in the front of my ankle. My first thought was did I sprain my ankle and not realize it? Then I looked down to see a Yellow Jacket stuck, stinger in me, between my shoe and my ankle. I used a not so good swear word extremely loudly, but I didn’t realize it until I was sitting there thinking about it, and reached down and pulled the bee away from me. Since, I had stopped the sweat was now pouring down my face and into my eyes as I cried. I couldn’t open my eyes. Finally I managed to wipe my face with a less wet part of my shirt and looked at my ankle. It was bleeding and hurt and there was sweat pouring into it. I debated if gatorade would make it feel better or worse and decided no to chance it. Let me tell you this hurt. I have run with a twisted ankle for over 7 miles just to get my miles in. I tried jogging down the block and it only got worse. I ended up calling a friend here in Richmond and he came and picked me up. I wasn’t going to be walking the 3.5 miles back. If only it could have stung me in the thigh or arm where there is enough padding but no it got me between the tendons on the front of my foot where there is no fat at all. I got benadryl in me, it is a good thing that bees aren’t something I have become allergic to with in the last couple years like so many other things I’ve found. Now I am at the excessively itchy stage but it isn’t sore.

I do not remember the last time I was stung so that is why it is a big deal I guess that and more than anything it made me so mad that I couldn’t get the other 10 miles of the run in. Oh and that night I got a text message from my mom. She and my dad were at a picnic and she got stung in the arm. Stupid bees.

Okay so I am pretty happy and thankful that is the worst thing that has happened to me lately. I am keeping my fingers crossed for some possible good news hopefully soon. I have a really good feeling. 🙂 More details if there is more to tell!

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Thinking about pulling an Armstrong

I’m pretty sure retirement is in my future…like October 26. Don’t get me wrong I love to run and 5K’s and 10K’s and possibly a half marathon with Erin (how come every time I type marathon or half-marathon I end up typing marathong?) but I am retiring from the marathon and marathon training. Just for a little while though. A Lance Armstrong if you will. (Yeah we watched the whole Tour de France this year) I will not call it a Farve (don’t tell Paul I said his name haha in our house his name is like in Harry Potter how they say He Who Must Not Be Named) I am not going to say I’m retiring and never actually do it. Lance “retired” took time for him and then came back years later. I’d have to say his come back and finish are pretty respectable too in the sporting word. 

Anyway, I just want to run or do the elliptical machine or a bike or anything else that I just feel like doing. I am excited for the marathon in October but I know that if I were to keep training for a spring marathon after October I mentally would be kaput. It’s time to get back to the love of running and just heading out the door with no watch or no set course and running until I feel like turning around. 

This morning when I was running it felt like I had bricks tied to each ankle. I got 6 miles in. I had originally intended to do 8 but with the heat and humidity only going up and my gatorade still sitting in the Element I knew my body was telling me not to over do it. It is a good thing to, I’d have been walking that last mile. I was pathetic anyway in the last mile. It had rained over night and the clouds weren’t going anywhere so as it heated up I kind of got the sense of what it feels like to be a steamed vegetable. The sweat was amazing though.

To explain the dead legs I didn’t run in the morning yesterday and at the gym I did a fast mile on the treadmill and then did a circuit of lifting and then another fast mile and one more time after that for 3 miles and then the rest of my lifting. I stretched some when I got home and I think that helped to not be in actual pain this morning.

This weekend should be relaxing. Paul is going to his parents so I am going to stay up tonight and watch dumb movies and/or lots of Disney channel (it is a good way to slide into the weekend) and then tomorrow morning I fully intend to sleep in (crossing my fingers that I make it to 8) and then I will be taking myself to IHOP for breakfast. Then I will come home and I am going to write and write and write and when I get tired of that I will read some and go back to writing. I don’t want to jinx what I have going but I am pretty excited about what I have come up with. It is a very rough start of something but the plan is that the second draft will come when I type it into the computer. Some day maybe I’ll be as thoughtful or patient enough to actually write “meaningful” things on the computer but for now I will stick with the occasional blog.

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God is great, Beer is good and people are crazy

Has there ever been a better country song to sum up my day? 

Okay, any one that knows me knows I am not overly public about my beliefs. They are mine and to each his own. Well, this morning on my run it was just one of those mornings that I was in great appreciation for everything. The sky stayed dark for much longer because of all the rain in our forecast but it didn’t rain on me at all. There were all these other people out running and as they’d pass they’d say hello or good morning and I would smile and say the same. The older man who opens the door at One Monument Ave. was at his post and I gave him a wave and good morning and he returned it, as he does every morning. There is something friendly about most of the people out at 5:30 or 6:30 to run we are out there because we want to be so we might as well enjoy it too. The people walking dogs aren’t as friendly sometimes…you know they don’t really want to be out but the dog needs to be.

Anyway, I took the time to notice everything around me and it was another one of those times where I just become exceptionally happy with myself. For a lot of reasons I could not run. There are plenty of excuses but none of them are reasonable. I have the ability to be out there running so I should be. Plus I have grown to love it and even more so with the new shoes I got. 

Then beer is good. In the crock-pot at home right now there is a smallish roast, chopped onions, garlic and a can of beer cooking on the counter. I am hoping that it turns out well because my mouth has been watering since I put it in this morning before work. Then tonight all we have to do is slice it or pull it apart and put it on the kaiser rolls I bought and eat it. 

People are crazy: I had one of the papers done last night before I left work. The front page of the second and the sports page of the second was all that I had left to do this morning on a noon deadline. Well, on one page I made one ad an inch to small and the pre press people caught it when the once overs were going on for mistakes in over all layout. I have not screwed anything up even minor in a long time. Well, I hear the woman in the other room start complaining I knew she’d be in my office soon enough to fill me in. She did come in and she is going on and on and on about how I can’t let this happen and she is just in here making me aware of it blah blah blah. She is not letting me get a word in. She is acting like I had crapped in her chair or something. Finally I go, I can fix that very easily, let me do that. She goes well so and so (coworker) is already doing that. (fixing was just deleting a house filler ad and making the ad box bigger a one minute job) She stood in here and preached at me for 5 minutes then proceeded to tell everyone in the office that I messed up and she saved the day. First of all catching that is her job she works the ad department second of all if she spent half the time she does complaining at people things would get done. No one she told thought that it was a big deal, life or death situation. But I haven’t even had a minor screw up lately so I guess she had to find something. If I hear “I’m just telling you so you know” one more time I will not bite my tongue anymore. So tell me and then leave so I can do my job. It might be okay if she ever admitted to doing anything wrong but it always someone else’s fault.

The whole thing actually made me laugh and not mad though. If she needs to complain let her. There are just people that are always miserable and think everyone else is out to get them (yesterday it was car salesmen she informed us) and I don’t have to be their friend. This is work. I separated myself from downers a long time ago so now it just rolls right off. 

I can have my good days and bad days but I am happy through it. Life is funny I guess. I spent way to much time wishing my life away to get to this point I am not going to let pointless things and people ruin it. 

The last few runs that I have gone on have given me plenty of time to sort things out again and come to this post today. I let some trivial things get in my way to where I felt like something was missing. I still feel that way in a sense but as long as I am actively working on changing the situation I can’t let it get me down! There is a better job out there for me I am sure of it!

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An experiment in eating…

So we need to go to Walmart tonight. I could have gotten one more day of breakfast and lunch but I kind of have a feeling that my bread was moldy a little. I didn’t bother to look. Dunkin Donuts always tastes best on Monday morning. I therefore got up and check the nutrition information online and made my selection. A morning wrap and a coffee coolatta. Only one problem…the Dunkin Donuts by my house does not have the wrap any more. It is all over the ordering menu in the drive through but they don’t have it. So I decided to splurge 100 more calories and get my usual yummy turkey sausage flat bread sandwich and the coolatta. 

But back to my experiment. I did not pack a lunch I am super hungry for Subway and there is one close to work. I am seeing if I only get hungry because I am bored and have food handy. So far…my hypothesis is correct. Though tomorrow may be a better day to test it because tomorrow is my do nothing day and today was a dealine, though not to hectic, day. I  can feel that I am starting to get hungry but nothing to terrible. Usually I will eat something at about 10 and then try to hold off to lunch at noon but many times I end up eating lunch at 11:30. 

This isn’t so surprising I know that I am a bored eater but maybe if I draw attention directly to it I will stop doing it. 

I was going to do my 12 miles yesterday morning in Maryland before we left Paul’s parent’s house but after the first mile out and mile back it became very clear that it was way to boring to do 5 more times. Second only to doing 12 miles  on a treadmill. I figured since it was a nice non humid day I’d run that evening a while after we got home.

I got really really car sick on the way home. I was tired so I had decided that I could probably fall asleep. I did the whole half awake half asleep thing and then we hit traffic that became stop and go. The mix of stop and go and half asleep with my eyes closed did not go well. I started to sweat even with the air conditioning on and I stared straight ahead fearing that if I looked anywhere but the license plate in front of me I’d throw up and the only place I could throw up would have been into my expensive purse or out the window onto another car. Options weren’t good and it got worse before it got better. I had resolved to the fact that I was going to be throwing up in my purse. I figured I’d have enough time to dump everything from in it before I started. Then the head ache started to subside and so did the burning stomach and throat. I told Paul that we should probably stop soon and get him some food. It is very strange but for me if I eat something it will usually help the car sickness. 

We made it to McDonalds and just the matter of walking into the building to order our food made me feel almost completely better. The fruit and walnut salad thing helped too. I even slept a little from the McDonalds into Richmond about 45 minutes away. 

I lounged on the couch and relaxed away the crappy feeling car sickness gives you and finally got out the door to run at about 4 p.m. It was a beautiful time to run. It was not humid and there was a nice breeze for most of the way. I did 10 miles. My legs were exhausted by time I got back to the car. I was so tired last night by time we went to bed I fell right asleep but didn’t sleep very peacefully for some reason. 

Patti slept very well though. She stayed on our bed right by my feet all night and this morning when we woke up she was in as close to the fetal position that a dog could get it was so cute. It is really nice when we are on the go for the weekend and it wipes her out. Plus she didn’t seem to be feeling great last week either. She didn’t eat her breakfast on Thursday morning and only ate the food still in her bowl that night after I put an egg yolk in it. She has eaten fine since then.

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So, when a coworker, a very strange coworker at that, leaves his back pack that he has with him at all times in the office do you look in it? No, I know that no is the right answer and that I have not. I really would like to. This is the bag he has strapped to him or right at his feet at all times and is popping pills from in the morning. A former coworker said he saw in it once and there is a bunch of pill bottles and notebooks in it. Something else just dawned on me in that if he doesn’t have the backpack he isn’t taking his medicine. My bet is that he hasn’t shown up to work today because he is out looking for his back pack. He definitely isn’t the person that would look in the most obvious spot first. He lost his tape recorder once and when I asked him if he looked at the council chambers he looked amazed that I’d think to have him look in the last place he’d been with it.

I am happy though, my work for the day is done and I have the newsroom to myself. That is the favorite part of my day…any time I have the whole room to myself. There is no rando, strange music playing no weird noises being made. Better still is that it is Thursday! That means that hopefully I’ll get up and do a fairly long run in the morning then “work” for a bit to get the paper for Tuesday set up and then I am out of here to get ready to go to Maryland for the weekend! 

Hopefully we will get up there in time to go to Melissa’s birthday party on Friday night and then there is the big 1st birthday of my nephew Christopher’s birthday! I am currently badgering Paul to go see Harry Potter after the birthday party. I don’t know how successful I’ll be in that endeavor.

OH speaking of Endeavor. It (the space shuttle) launched finally yesterday on it’s 6th attempt. Okay I get that you can’t do it in bad weather. BUT the fact that they are once again going through all the safety procedures because it lost a bunch of debris when it launched gets me. 

Are we still using the shuttle we launched in 1969 to send people up there. Are they just going to the shuttle garage and saying okay we’ll take Endeavor today put a little gas in her and see if she goes? I know that it costs a lot to run NASA and launch a shuttle but I feel like if they got some new ones or put a little bit more into the ones they have they wouldn’t be doing this mad scramble once in orbit to  make sure that there is no horrible structural damage. OH well they are the smart ones so I guess it’s going how it should go!

Ran this morning. Barely 3 miles. My stomach hates me and will not allow me to run but I will out last it and keep running. I am hoping that tomorrow morning I will be able to do about 6 miles or so. I am going to try and figure out my stomach thing tonight so I am ready to run in the morning!

My soreness from the other day is just about gone so I am happy and my muscles will be too when I go and lift tonight! Gotta get a little more calorie burn in today, I may be making chicken parmesan for dinner! Mmmmm. I am so glad I had the ingenuity to figure out how to make it sans recipe. Not that hard I know but I like being someone that doesn’t really use a recipe. I would like to get where I can make my chocolate chip cookies by memory and such too. I just think that’s so cool. There so should be a way to get paid to be a stay at home wife/mother. I would rock at it. I think I would probably be able to get Paul to gain weight too. I think he looks great and that he is getting even more muscular but he said he hasn’t gained weight. Who knows!?

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Fun days!

I love after work time and hanging out with Paul. I am a different person than I am during the day. I am work me during the day then me when I’m not. No I don’t change who I am at work but there are just ways you act at work especially when those that you work with are all older and don’t have a ton of personality. I enjoy my sense of humor and the way my brain and mouth disconnect sometimes producing some off the wall ideas. Somedays I feel bad for Paul. They are the days when everyone here at work seems to be in bad moods and I am in a good one. I can feel the “goofy” in me build up to the point that all night I will talk exactly how my train of thought is going. It is one situation that writing will not help, I have tried. It is a verbal thing and it is 10 times better when I can make Paul laugh or shake his head at me. I guess a box with no windows to work in just keeps you pent up. 

Thinking about this has just given me a huge insight into how I have been feeling. I have been keeping work me with me a lot more than when I am at work. It isn’t all the time but there are a good number of the day s of the week that this serious, frazzled person comes home from work. I really have to try to do what I did so well before and use my 25 minute drive home not to stew but to release all the junk from the day.

I get to leave work in a half an hour I am very happy about that. I have had this weird feeling since Monday that something really good is right around the corner. It is so strange!

I tried to do 10 again yesterday. I got 8 in with about a mile and a half of run walking at the end. My stomach hated me as it does today. I lifted on Monday and oh boy am I feeling it now. Paul gave me a really nice massage last night that helped but my shoulders are still really sore. I have a hard time shifting into 2nd, 4th and 5th gear. 2nd is the least hard, I dread 4th and then for fifth having to push so far out of my body kills. I like it though. My original routine was getting old I like that I am keeping my muscles guessing. Paul said that I was getting…lats? I think that’s what it was when he was rubbing my back. I asked him if those were the riblet muscles? I think they might be. No I am not getting “huge” even for girl standards I just like that I can feel that I have muscles in my arms and abs. 

I lost a few pounds off the bat when I started training again but I didn’t lose last week or so far this week but with building muscle I can’t really expect that. It’s all about the clothes when I start weight training. They’ll fit better even with out the scale moving  a whole lot. I don’t mind.

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Ho Hum

I haven’t been writing as much as I think about writing. I have written on paper a few times but those are ripped and in the garbage. I wish everything in my life could be as happy as I am about my life in general. There has to be something out there that I am going to like to do as much as what I really want. I also still like to thank all those people that convinced me I was stupid and couldn’t do math. It stuck and no matter how much confidence I build and how much I finally love myself for who I am I can’t shake it therefore I have cut out a whole lot of things I could possibly do. Life isn’t about those 8 hours at work though, it is the other 16 hours at home and with the ones you love. How can I be like this when I am as happy as I am? Life confuses me. I am sure this whole paragraph has confused any one of you. I am sorry.  There is just something missing. That’s what it all comes down to. Life is wonderful and I wouldn’t trade mine for anything there is just something missing.

Okay enough of that. I ran yesterday. Supposed to be 10 miles I ended up running about 7.5 of it and walking the rest. The humidity really ramped up and the heat and I could feel myself breaking down. I applaud myself that I stopped and walked because I really don’t think I’d be walking today because my hips hurt today as it is. I am learning haha. Running still isn’t the same but it is getting better especially with being out for 2 hours yesterday. I plan on trying to redo the 10 mile attempt tomorrow morning to see how that goes. I will be taking fluid with me. 6 a.m. should be cooler than 10 a.m. was yesterday.

Wednesday I have my doctor’s appointment to see if there is a correlation between the frequency that I’ve been getting sick and being at work.

I ordered wedding pictures today! I can’t wait to have actual copies to look at!

Tonight is grocery shopping tonight! I’d probably be more excited if we were going to Walmart but we are just going to Food Lion, I am hoping that it isn’t filled with the … neighborhoods finest…to say the least. It isn’t scary or anything you usually can’t understand anyone and it is the place Paul and I watched the people try to steal things that weren’t included in their WIC check. It is a pretty stereotypical place and I don’t like being like that so I will not go into more detail haha.

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